Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great privilege to announce that after 29 years the ESBS Congress returns to Italy, the country where this scientific society was founded way back in 1993.
In fact, it was precisely in September 1993 that the first Congress of the newborn ESBS was held in Riva del Garda from the idea of a multidisciplinary group of colleagues, ENTs, Neurosurgeons and Neuroradiologist, who decided to give body to ideas, to the experience of a new frontier of surgery by forming a Society that represented the common effort in dealing with pathologies considered until then practically inoperable.
What we have seen in this quarter of a century has been the formidable evolution of the new diagnostic methods that have paved the way for the definition of new surgical approaches designed to dramatically improve patient prognosis and decrease complications.
The continuous improvements resulting from the continuous scientific debate and the introduction of new tools such as endoscopy, neuronavigation, intraoperative monitoring, refined anesthesia techniques have made possible an exponential growth of the favorable results and a better quality of life for our patients.
This wealth of knowledge owes our recognition to those who had the idea that unthinkable results could only be achieved with scientific and multidisciplinary comparison: to these pioneers our thanks and tribute go to showing us the way and to illuminating the years of a future development. For this reason we thought that the mainstream of the XIV ESBS congress is “From our Master to the future: a tribute to the Pioneers”.
We have tried to create a stimulating scientific program that presents, in addition to qualified speakers and innovative contributions, a wide space for the discussion of clinical cases. We have introduced the Face to Face section where two speakers of undisputed value and prestige will compare their experiences from different points of view.
Prestigious guests from various parts of the world will be present and will bring their valuable contribution to the plenary sessions and round tables. The program includes 94 presentations distributed in three sections: Keynote Lectures, Hot Topics and How I do it.
34 round tables will see the best experts in skull base surgery discuss current issues and the future of this discipline.
The program of the Congress includes Company Symposia as well as Lunches with the Professors. There will also be free papers, video and poster sessions and 17 Instructional Courses each lasting one hour.
A town as precious as a gem. This is how Riva del Garda is defined: the pearl of Lake Garda. A place enclosed in a territory with strong contrasts, with Mediterranean vegetation that grows vigorously at the foot of rocky walls around which a cobalt blue lake is set. The climate favors, the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean area: lemons, olive trees, laurels and palms, an explosion of scents and colors that create a true Mediterranean oasis at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. In the past, illustrious personalities, such as Nietzsche, Kafka, the Mann brothers, were guests of the city. Today, as then, the welcome on the shores of Garda Trentino is glamour and at the same time familiar. We have worked with passion and commitment to set up a high-level scientific program and we are sure that this Congress will be a success thanks also to all those who will be part of it.

Welcome in Italy and see you in Riva next 20th-23rd April 2022.

Congress Presidents
Prof. Giovanni Danesi
Prof. Davide Locatelli