On the occasion of the 14th Congress of the European Skull Base Society, a free run called “ESBS 2022 RUN” will take place, on a 5 km route (1/8 of marathon) which starts and finishes in the same exact spot. The event will be held on Friday, April 22nd with starting line at 19:00.

Single and group participation is free upon registration. Participation is open to Congress participants, their companions, the exhibitors accredited for the event. Each participant must be over the age of 18. Minors (under 18) are admitted if accompanied by an adult participant. For those who are enrolled to the ESBSrun but not to the Congress (such as companions and exhibitors), it’s necessary to specify their reference participant, even though the latter won’t be running, in order to handing out the t-shirt and the badge. Registration request must be submitted to the following e-mail address:
The Secretariat will then mail back the application form with all relevant information.

Group registration is only accepted by pre-registration to the e-mail address below, including the name group:
At least 1 team member must be registered for the 14th Congress of the European Skull Base Society.
Minimum number of participants is 4.
In order to be eligible for the awards, a minimum of 75% of the group members must complete the run.
Registration must be made by e-mail no later than Tuesday, April 12nd 2022.
After this date, registration can be made at the dedicated desk at the Riva del Garda Congress Center (where it will be possible to pick up the t-shirt and the personal badge) at the following times:
Wednesday, April 20th: 11:00 – 19:00
Thursday, April 21st: 8:00 – 13:00

Start of the ESBS 2022 RUN
From 19:00 (all the runners lined up on the start line outside the Riva del Garda Congress Center) to 19:15. In case of autonomous decision to start the run earlier, the Organization will not provide assistance and everyone will be held accountable for their actions. In case of bad weather, the Organization may opt to cancel the event and the decision will be notified in a timely manner.

End of the ESBS 2022 RUN
At the arrival of the last runner, and in any case by 20:15, in time to join the Gala dinner.

Organization: Key People
President: Professors Giovanni Danesi and Davide Locatelli
For contact: Doctor Cesare Miani

Supplier: Sitip Spa

Sitip is an Italian company specialized in the production of synthetic warp knitted fabrics, for technical industrial applications, and stretch and circular fabrics for clothing. As research and innovation are the basis of Sitip’s work together with the expertise in the production of highly technical sportswear fabrics, the company has decided to support the 14th Congress of the European Skull Base Society and its free run “ESBS 2022 RUN” producing the jerseys for the racers, made with its technical and recycled fabric from the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line with high breathability, lightness, comfort on the skin and perfect fit.

All Sitip fabrics dedicated to sport are developed to meet the needs of athletes and improve comfort and performance. You can pick up the jersey with the personal badge at the dedicated desk at the Riva del Garda Congress Center.
Find out more:

Routes Participants will be running on pedestrian paved streets. The run is 5 km long, with two refreshment points placed at the start nearby the Riva del Garda Congress Center. The event will be ending at 20:15. For information purposes, to complete a 5 km run you should be walking at fast speeds. The Organization will not provide assistance to those completing the run off schedule and everyone will be held accountable for their actions.

Grouped Ranking At the end of the event, a non-competitive grouped ranking will be drawn solely and exclusively for the runners who have been registered both at the start and at the finish. The grouped ranking is the following:

  • 20 – 25 minutes: CHAMPIONS
  • 26 – 29 minutes: VICE-CHAMPIONS
  • 30 – 34 minutes: RUNNER GOLD
  • 35 – 39 minutes: RUNNER SILVER
  • 40 – 44 minutes: RUNNER BRONZE

Being present in any of the above groups will not entitle the runner to awards.

5 awards will be granted:

  • Youngest female runner
  • Youngest male runner
  • Most senior female runner
  • Most senior male runner
  • Most numerous mixed group

Awards Ceremony
During the Gala dinner or, if unable to attend, the day after, by noon, at the Secretariat at the Riva del Garda Congress Center.

Ambulance, signposting, refreshment point on the way (beverages will be offered), distance and direction signs provided by the Organization. An insurance policy for the runners has been taken out by the Organization.
The insurance coverage includes: A) Third Party Liability Insurance; B) Warranty against injuries. The insurance policy is not effective towards participants not registered to the run and towards registered participants who don’t comply with the official timetable, do not have either the t-shirt or the badge, do not abide by the established route.

All the registered participants accept the Regulation in its entirety and, due to the friendly nature of the event, any claim will be rejected.

Any participant declares to be aware that the voluntary registration to the ESBS 2022 Run is considered tacit self-declaration of physical fitness and therefore exempts the Organization from any liability in case of damage done or suffered before, during and after the run.